Welcome to the first ever Speedrun Hall of Fame! We are an establishment designed from the ground-up to allow our communities and peers to vote for, elect, and cultivate a positive, inclusive, and complete gallery of the most important speedrunners of all-time. We wish to remember those that came before us; those of our peers that rise up above the crowds. The greatest moments. The best finds. The closest races. And of course, the most influential runners.
We will honor them the best way we can, while raising money for various charities, and by allowing the community to ensure a clean and transparent process.

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Our mission

We wish to honor the speedrunners, both past and present, that have contributed to our hobby in the most important of ways. Whether they discovered a major game-breaking or time-saving skip, held a world record for years, had a groundbreaking route, or just contributed to their communities in an exemplary manner. We want the future to honor and remember those that came before us; those that did the hard work, the groundbreaking work, that helped their games to grow and flourish. We also wish to grow our Hall in a non-intrusive way, so we have established a Twitch page and a YouTube page for events both directly involving the Hall of Fame, as well as others, to help pay for operating costs. We have also established a brand-new, never-before-seen website dedicated to giving viewers the most PB’s in one place: This is THE run.

How elections work

Our election process is simple: we want to give the community the first say! We will hold open balloting for the public to vote for their favorite speedrunners, and they can vote up to five times. Once the election season approaches, a team of hand-picked representatives (for 2023) will then be tasked with tallying up the votes. The top 5 vote-getters from each console generation will move on to the final vote. The representatives will then be tasked with voting for their 5 favorite runners NOT IN THEIR OWN CONSOLE GENERATION (to protect integrity and parity). One candidate from each generation will then be elected to the Hall.

The 1st (Odyssey generation) and 2nd (Atari VCS/2600 generation) generations have been combined due to those generations being less active in speedrunning. The 8th (PS4/Switch) and 9th (PS5) generations will be combined for now as well. PC and Arcade gaming is also included, and will be grouped based on what year the game they run came out in. Also, the HoF Staff will hold their own election each year to elect 2 hall of famers that did not get voted in (these votes are similar to the Baseball Hall of Fame’s veteran’s committee, in which we can vote for overlooked, underappreciated, forgotten or unpopular runners whom we feel deserve to be in).

We will also honor specific moments and events in speedrunning. We will hold elections during the year to elect speedruns, findings, races, randomizer accomplishments, and much more. The Speedrun Hall of Fame wishes to honor everyone that has contributed to the success of our hobby, and to its’ sustained success.

This is THE run (web address thisisthe.run) is a brand-new website dedicated to live-listing runners on PB pace. As of now, this is user-driven, as users can visit our site and post whenever their buddy or someone they’re viewing is on PB (Personal Best) pace, or on a run of note (for example, an Ironmon run nearing the end). Users can click the link to visit their Twitch (or other service) page, and if the run does well they can thumb it up (if the run dies or the post is spam, they can thumb it down). Users can sort the listing by console generation, by thumbs up, or by how new a post is.

This site is designed to allow users to browse the site and instantly find runs on PB pace. If we grow enough, eventually we’d like to have this page so busy that one could theoretically browse our site all day and find PBs over and over. Our talented programmers who designed the hall, CilleyPerson and Lylovir, also designed this from the ground up in Lemmy. This site is our driving force to run the HoF and we consider the two a tandem. In a perfect world, we could pay all operating costs from this site alone, and we do appreciate how effective this site could turn out to be with an active community… in reality, the sky is THE limit when it comes to thisisthe.run, and this format of viewing PBs might revolutionize how speedrunning fans find new speedrunners to watch!

Who we are

We are a group of seven speedrunners and speedrun fans. The idea was conceived in Sept. 2021 by JSR (chairman), and he put together a team of 8 talented, wonderful people that helped him to bring his ideas to fruition. Lylovir and CilleyPerson are the two talented programmers that helped code this into reality. MeaCulpa and OnlyLevelOne are the amazingly talented creative team that helped conceive, edit, and put together our videos and graphics for the site and for our streaming services. JSR is the chairman, and the force that runs the Hall of Fame elections and also helps keep the books in order. Together, this dragon hopes to roar in 2023 and beyond!

These ads help to cover the costs of running SRHoF. Thank you!

How we intend to sustain and grow

The company behind the Speedrun Hall of Fame is a for-profit organization, and would never try to trick anyone into thinking otherwise. We hope that, between our Twitch page, YouTube page, and This is THE run, that we can provide enough income to allow our staff to work on the company and grow our brand without having to work without compensation. We do intend to have ads in the Hall, but the gallery will NOT have any ads. Also, we will run plenty of charity events (both on our Twitch page, and otherwise if we can) to help raise awareness for good causes and also to show our good faith. Together, we can impact our community just as much as the speedrunners that we honor did.

The Speedrun Hall of Fame is a group of dedicated and passionate speedrun fans that want to leave our legacy behind in the best way possible: by honoring those that came before us. We all discovered speedrunning and had our lives changed instantly. We want the future to be able to have that same reaction. Together, we can do that, and much more!

This is THE run: https://thisisthe.run
Official Speedrun Hall of Fame YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC7ofh6OVUzs6jIOqXhYNnw
Official Speedrun Hall of Fame Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/speedrunhalloffame
Official Speedrun Hall of Fame Discord: https://discord.gg/DRYYXNa7e9
Official Speedrun Hall of Fame TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@speedrunhof

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