We wish to honor the speedrunners, both past and present, that have contributed to our hobby in the most important of ways. Whether they discovered a major game-breaking or time-saving skip, held a world record for years, had a groundbreaking route, or just contributed to their communities in an exemplary manner. We want the future to honor and remember those that came before us; those that did the hard work, the groundbreaking work, that helped their games to grow and flourish. We also wish to grow our Hall in a non-intrusive way, so we have established a Twitch page and a YouTube page for events both directly involving the Hall of Fame, as well as others, to help pay for operating costs. We have also established a brand-new, never-before-seen website dedicated to giving viewers the most PB’s in one place: This is THE run.

For more info, check out our EPK here. You can also visit our Twitter (https://twitter.com/SpeedrunHoF) for more updates on current events and happenings.

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