Official Speedrun Hall of Fame “Phenomenal Feats” Electoral Rules and Procedures

This page covers the election process, voting procedures, and community representatives, all of which will be noted below, along with any relevant notations in regard as to how the election for the Speedrun Hall of Fame “Phenomenal Feats” is conducted. This document will cover all the steps of the process.

PLEASE NOTE: the procedures and terms may change at our discretion, although it is our intent not to change anything during an election cycle. Any changes will be made transparently and with the full intent to hold an honest, thorough, and public election.

    • Public nomination period
    • Nomination procedures & limits
    • Acceptable nominations
      • Speedrun Hall of Fame “Main Gallery”
    • Counting nominations
    • Building the ballot
    • Illegal votes, terms of disqualification
    • How voting works
    • Who can vote?
    • Inductees
      • Community standards & expectations
      • Declining a nomination
    • Current planned & confirmed ceremonies
    • Future planned ceremonies



As voted on by the founding staff of the Speedrun Hall of Fame, the “Phenomenal Feats” electoral “Public Nomination Period” will take place monthly, from the Sunday AFTER the 3rd Saturday of each month, until the 3rd Saturday of each month (for example, the second election took place from Sunday, November 20, 2022, until Saturday, December 17, 2022). This period is designated for folks in good standing with the Hall of Fame to nominate ANY Phenomenal Feat of their choosing, up to a maximum of 5 (five) votes per person (more details below).

At the conclusion of this period, any public nominations will not count during this nomination period, instead being counted towards the next public nomination period which has not officially been announced as of this time (if you believe this is incorrect, please contact staff to clarify).

Nomination Procedures & Limits

Voters may nominate a maximum of five (5) nominations, per person, per electoral period. Votes or nominations for the same candidate will be considered invalid; if caught, all votes by that person will be null and void. Voting using alternate emails, pseudonyms, pen names, or any other means of alternate identification with the intent to cast multiple illegal votes will result in a permanent ban and barring from participating in future elections with the Speedrun Hall of Fame.

All nominations will not be counted unless they are placed only through our official voting channels. As of this writing, the only approved official method to nominate a runner is here:

All nominations will be handled by Cognito Forms’ system. If any errors or mistakes are made that are on their end, we cannot be held responsible for that.

Voting can be done by anyone in good standing with the Speedrun Hall of Fame and its’ staff. This will be determined by the staff and/or committee(s) involved with the election at the HoF Staff’s prerogative (see Article IV, Section 1 “Hall of Famers”, subsection “Community Standards & Expectations).

Acceptable Nominations

The Official Speedrun Hall of Fame is a gallery and shrine intended to celebrate the speedrunners that the community deems are worthy of a designated place to remember their feats, records, runs, and races. Anyone in good standing with the Hall of Fame is eligible to be nominated and/or elected (see Article IV, Section 1 “Inductees”, subsection “Community Standards & Expectations).

Acceptable nominations for the Phenomenal Feats gallery are for anything that are not a specific individual (unless that person is considered NOT a speedrunner, such as a TAS-maker or a glitch hunter). ANY event that was done by folks in good standing with the Hall of Fame is eligible, and eligibility is independent of the opinions or thoughts of other communities, platforms, groups, or moderators. This includes. but is not limited to: Twitch, YouTube, Speedrun dot com, Speed Demos Archive, Reddit, Twin Galaxies, TheRun dot gg, Discord, Twitter, Co-Host, or any other possible speedrun-related website where communities may gather. The Speedrun Hall of Fame staff and their community representatives, and they alone, will determine who is (or is not) eligible.

    • Anything you wish to nominate that is a specific speedrunner is ineligible for “Phenomenal Feats”.
      • We welcome: Randomizers (and races), tournaments (and races), TAS’s, events & conventions, marathons, strategies & glitches (and hunters), teachers (and mentors), etc.
      • An extraordinary feat by an individual is eligible for “Phenomenal Feats”; specific individuals are eligible ONLY if they are attached to said feat.
      • Individuals themselves are only eligible for the main gallery.
    • You may nominate these here:
    • While speedrunners can be elected into “Phenomenal Feats” (as long as they’re attached to a specific moment that is nominated), feats can not be elected into the main Gallery.


Counting Nominations

On the Sunday AFTER the 3rd Saturday of each month, the election team committee will lead the Hall of Fame staff who will be officially tasked with the counting and double-checking of results, as well as moving forward to the ballot for the second stage of the election, as well as voting on the ballot.

Any ties will be voted on by using a super secret detailed system of voting, where the top 15 (fifteen) nominations (or less if necessary) based on number of votes, will be placed into a document where the Hall of Fame staff will then vote on the order in which they wish to see the feats on the ballot.

(Example: 1st place votes would be worth 15 points [or the # of tied votes on the nomination list]; 15th place would be worth 1 [or the place which got voted last by the staff]. If less than 15 ties, it will change depending on how many nominations were tied [in November 2022, 7 nominations tied with 1 vote; the staff voted on the 7 feat nominations and came up with the 2 that made the ballot. In that tiebreaker, a 1st-place vote was worth 7 points, while a 7th place vote was worth 1].)
This will only come into play if there is a tie in nominations. Any nominations which receive enough votes outright to make the top 3 nominations will receive placement on the Phenomenal Feats ballot for the following month.

After the tiebreaker votes are tallied, the top 3 nominations (in order of public nominations, then staff votes) will be placed on the ballot along with the carry-over from the previous month.

The carry-over A.K.A. the runner-up from each election will receive an automatic ballot placement the following month, unless deemed unnecessary or inappropriate by the Hall of Fame Staff. This will continue indefinitely until either it receives enough votes to be inducted into the Hall, or falls into 3rd or 4th place in a ballot.

Illegal Votes, Terms of Disqualification

Any votes that are deemed official and ratified will be cast by a voter in good standing who has: a: not exceeded the maximum five (5) votes, b: not voted more than once for the same individual in the same voting period, c: not attempted to work around our system with pseudonyms, d: not attempted to bribe, alter, and/or change the results unfairly, and e: has not broken the terms of the community standards which we list below (see Article IV, Section 1 “Inductees”, subsection “Community Standards & Expectations”).

The Staff reserves the right to cancel any and all votes from individuals that have been found to have broken the rules as stated above, in regards to what is a legal vote. Feats nominated in an illegal fashion can not be held responsible for said actions unless the proper evidence is brought forth to the staff that individuals involved in that Phenomenal Feat nomination were involved, and the Staff come to a decision on that.

Building the Ballot

After the initial nomination period ends, the Hall of Fame Staff will build a 4-feat ballot each month, which will then be used in a monthly election which will take place each month in its’ respective calendar month. This ballot will be held through Cognito Forms and will be considered official.

In the event fewer than 3 feats are nominated in a calendar month, the Hall of Fame Staff will nominate feats and then anonymously vote on which ones will make the ballot.


How Voting Works

Ballots will be constructed using the nominations collected. THE TOP 3 NOMINEES (IN TERMS OF AMOUNT OF NOMINATIONS THEY RECEIVE IN THAT VOTING PERIOD) will be formed onto a final Ballot, along with the carry-over from the previous month.

Voting will be held anonymously, although the final vote tally will be released publicly.

Voting is as follows: Following the release of the public ballot, beginning on the 1st of each calendar month until the end of said month, the public may vote up on a Phenomenal Feat using the official voting form.

REPRESENTATIVES CAN NOT VOTE FOR THEIR OWN CONSOLE GENERATION IN WHICH THEY WERE SELECTED TO REPRESENT! They must vote for the candidates they believe deserve the induction most, besides the ones from their own console generation.

Ties will only be settled if the staff deems it necessary in order to effect the results. They will be settled by staff with a private majority-vote. (See: Article II, Section 1 “Counting Nominations” if you’d like to see how ties are handled, as they work the exact same for vote verification and tallying as they do for nominations).

Who Can Vote?

Anyone in good standing with the Speedrun Hall of Fame may vote. This also includes: folks involved with the Phenomenal Feats nominees, the official Speedrun Hall of Fame staff, and anyone else, unless stated otherwise.

Console Generation Definitions

Console Generations are as defined by the official Wikipedia page: As this page is eligible to be altered, the Hall of Fame Staff reserves the right to change our minds on this if necessary.

As of 2022, this chart here is a guideline for console generations:

    • The above chart (and Wikipedia page) are only used to cover consoles.
    • Handhelds (like Game Boy, Game Gear), Arcade titles, PC (Macintosh, Steam, MS-DOS, etc), single game consoles (Pong, Tiger Electronics, Electronic Table Top games), Browser games, etc are typically grouped in to the above chart by the release year of that game in the region in which the runner lives. Using the chart above, your game’s “generation” is determined by the start of the generation up until the beginning of the next (for example, an arcade game released in 1986 would be considered “3rd generation” while 1987 would be considered “4th generation”.)
    • Yes, I know that’s confusing. TL;DR: the date the next console generation begins dictates when the previous generation ends, ONLY IN REGARDS to Arcade, Handhelds, PC, etc.
    • This is not meant to do anything other than to categorize video games which do not belong to a traditional “console generation”.

Staff Selections

The Speedrun Hall of Fame staff is entitled to a maximum of two (2) Hall of Fame inductees per calendar year (and 1 for the 2022 calendar year). This is a privilege that is not required, and the Staff may exercise their right not to induct someone if they choose to do so.



Once the voting period for the final ballot concludes, the TOP VOTE RECEIVING CANDIDATE on the ballot will be invited into the gallery for the Speedrun Hall of Fame “Phenomenal Feats”.

One (1) inductee will be invited per voting period. In the event of a tie, the staff will hold a vote-off privately which will determine the winner.

    • Hall of Famers are community members in good standing with their respective speedrunning communities: moderators, leaders, run verifiers, and/or community representatives, as well as the general community itself.
    • Both nominees AND Hall of Famers alike must uphold this reputation.
    • Any nominee and/or hall of famer who is involved in a scandal or situation in which the community decides they are no longer in good standing will be discussed by the staff, and proper actions will be taken if necessary.
    • The staff reserves their right to enforce and/or impose sanctions on nominees and/or hall of famers if they deem it necessary (with a majority vote)
    • If a Phenomenal Feat is inducted into the Hall of Fame, and someone attached to it breaks the rules above, the staff of the Hall of Fame will discuss the situation and make a decision based on the evidence we have. If necessary, a feat can be removed from the Hall.
    • Any nominee may decline their invitation and/or decline to accept their nomination at their discretion.
    • In the event they decline, the staff reserves the right to either accept the 2nd place finisher OR to move forward without an inductee for that console generation and/or selects.


On the first Friday of every calendar month, the Speedrun Hall of Fame will hold a special stream on our main Twitch page ( There, we will hold a special live event to reveal each month’s winner, as well as talk about their new Hall of Fame page. These shows may vary in style and format from month to month. Also, if the first Friday happens to fall during a special event (marathon, special stream, race, etc) we will reserve the right to change it as the HoF staff sees fit.


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