It’s coming! is set to make a big impact in the speedrunning scene.

Hold onto your butts, folks, because we’re about to change the game, BIG time.

Coming in 2023, a website designed to revolutionize how you browse for speedruns. Gone are the days of perusing the Twitch discover tab, or poking into each of your followed streamers’ streams. Now, you can see who is on pace before you even get there!


For years, Twitch has been the bona fide place to view live speedrun attempts. Whether it was someone learning a game, just starting out, grinding a time down, or going for that elusive world record, you would likely catch it on before you saw it anywhere else. This all began around 2014 or so, but the history is irrelevant; we know why you’re here. We know what you want to know.

You want to know: what is this website we keep hearing about? What is this TIT.R?

These ads help to cover the costs of running SRHoF. Thank you! is the first website designed from the ground-up to be a place you can go to browse speedruns that are live and happening as you see them. Never miss a PB again! This reddit-inspired website is free to use and allows users to post your run, your buddies’ run, or whatever channel you happen to be watching. You can link to their Twitch or YouTube pages, and add all the relevant info which will drive people to discover the run!

Users of can browse all the runs that have been posted by users and, with just a couple clicks, can open up the run’s Twitch page and visit the runner, who will be on pace depending on how old the post is. If the runner is still on pace, they can go back to the site and upvote it; if the pace dies, they can downvote it. With enough users, runners who have runs posted on will gain a viewership boost as they continue their speedrun, and their chatters and community will be certain to meet new people!

From the users’ perspective, this is a wonderful way for folks to discover new speedrunners! With a community already springing up before we’ve even technically launched, folks will see runs for games that they never considered watching. One of the biggest weaknesses on Twitch’s end is their browsing and discoverability, or lack thereof. If you want to watch a speedrun and you don’t follow anyone that’s live at the moment, you have to rely on searching for that game title, which you have to know ahead of time. Good luck finding a speedrun. And SERIOUSLY, good luck finding one that is on PB pace!

That’s where comes in. You visit our site and browse PB pace runs. It’s that simple! And, in the future, we are working on a few implementations, which will all be revealed to you very soon. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can discover new speedruns in new games you might not have been willing to search out, and help your friends’ own runs find new viewers and attention. Together, we can make sure that someday, you will NEVER miss the run again.

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