The Winner’s Circle

Here, we celebrate the talented, the lucky, and the few that have persevered and triumphed in a Speedrun Hall of Fame official event! From game shows, tournament races, one-day events, and more, join us in celebrating the winners of every competitive event we’ve ever hosted!

Marathon & Tournament Races

Skip the Stigma ’22: Wizards & Warriors 1v1 Race (Any%, NES; Nov. 5, 2022)

PlaceRunner’s nameTime
1LadyGalaga (
2polsvoice (


Show DateRunner’s Name (Twitch)Game PresentedTimeLink to VoD of Race
19 Nov, 2022ProtonJon ( (SNES)2:31:04
17 Dec, 2022IggyDOTA ( The Saga (NES)3:21:45
21 Jan, 2023TBATBATBAN/A

Frame Show Night

Show DateRunner’s Name (Twitch)Game They WonCash & PrizesLink to VoD of Game
30 Nov, 2022Khananaphone (!$3,600
30 Nov, 2022Lylovir ( Your Luck$58,775
30 Nov, 2022noisepolice ($16,800 + Car
30 Nov, 2022Khananaphone ( Joker’s Wild$1,800
28 Dec, 2022SuperSonic_ ( Your Luck$35,933Coming soon!
28 Dec, 2022WildWolfofMibu ($23,750 + CarComing soon!
28 Dec, 2022MeaCulpa_DW ( Your Luck$74,896Coming soon!
28 Dec, 2022SuperSonic_ ( Joker’s Wild$13,555Coming soon!
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